Such bread can calm the soul 03.06.2021 14:35:38

The most unusual bread that I have eaten in my life. This is the bread that the neighbors treated me to on Earth Day in Lyubodar (Lyubodar KDS, Vladimir region). Their bread. The guys themselves sowed, grew wheat, threshed, ground (in a coffee grinder) and baked bread! Fully on their own, grown in the Kin Domain, only by the hands of this family, in their Space, where they live all year round.

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I always only plan, but in all the years I haven’t done it. But  Tanya and Nikita did it and treated everyone. It was so unexpected, because it is very personal, everyone even took it with caution at first, until the guys said that they had a few of them that their family had enough.

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“It is necessary to collect the cereals, thresh, grind, make flour and bake bread, soothe his soul. This is incredibly important. A person who has consumed this bread only once or twice a year receives a supply of energy that can activate his inner spiritual forces and positively affect his physical condition, calm his soul.

This bread can be given to your relatives, any close people. It will also have a very beneficial effect on them, if you give sincerely with goodness " ( V. Megre's book "Anastasia")

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Do you understand that such bread can calm the Soul ?! What is the quality of such a product? This is a completely different level of nutrition. I'd like to have more of this kind of food on our table. Food is not only healthy for the body, but also for the Soul.

Live among plants, communicate with them, give them your care and love. Enjoy the first shoots, flowers, fruits, eat them, treat your relatives, friends, neighbors. Such simple and very important actions. And something changes in a person, a new opens.

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We still do not fully understand the significance of self-grown products, their power and importance. Thank you guys for such a treat!

I planted rye late that year. It turns out that it is necessary to plant at the end of August so that winter rye grows. I hope I will plant this year! I really want this bread!

Natalia Vasyukova

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