Kin domains are a way to healthy planet. Tatyana Madison at TEDxIrpin 09.12.2021 09:22:25

On February 29, 2020, at the international platform of TEDx speakers in Irpen (Ukraine), the topic of KDs was raised for the first time loud and clear.
The mission of TEDx Speaker Conferences is to spread ideas that can change the world. The path to KDs is invariably associated with a general cleansing of the Earth and a change in one's way of life.

Tatyana Madison: February 29 was one of the most exciting days in my life. Preparations for it took two months, and three years before that. And16 years more. During the performance, for the first time in my stage experience, my throat and lips got completely dry from the peak of excitement. The most difficult thing is to speak to the public about what is the most important and intimate for you. It was incredibly pleasant when, after the speech, different people came up and asked about the details of the topic, and thanked me. All of them, together with the organizers, received as a gift a book by V. Megre in Ukrainian, which Valery Glushkov handed over especially for this event.
It is very pleasant that the theme of cleansing the land, KDs resonates in the hearts and souls of people. Many people asked me where they can find out more detailed information about the settlements of Ukraine.

Tatyana Madison
KDS Dolyna Dzherel

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