We live in an unusual time 14.04.2022 12:16:33

What to do, where to run, what to buy?
We live in an unusual time. We are used to looking at life and everything around us from a creative position, to see only the pros in everything that happens.

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We see it this way: the consumption of unnecessary things will decrease, the rejection of all nonsense from the West, the transition to domestic, including the development of domestic, local. And best of all, do everything yourself.

Will housing and communal services prices rise? Rising food prices? So I want to say to everyone - take the shovels in your hands. Do you know what is cheap, extremely cheap at all times? Seeds. You can even dial them for free. You can buy seeds for 500 rubles, and grow tons of food – delicious, healthy, food that will heal the soul and body, because it will be grown with your own hands, with your own energy!

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And how much land is there in Russia? A lot! Very much.
There are still 1.5 ha plots in our settlement, if they run out, we will do a new expansion. Every year another family or families moves to a permanent place of residence. But it's not much. There is no queue.

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People are afraid to leave their usual lifestyle, a beautiful wrapper, shopping, and change all this for a quality lifestyle - clean air, land, water, healthy tanned children, real friends-neighbors nearby. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of room for development, there are a lot of difficulties, but everything is real. Every single day, everything is real.

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Every day you feel that you are living, with every cell of your body.

We don't talk much about life in the settlement, about our personal life. Because many people may simply not understand. Because there is a huge difference between two ways of life - in the city and on earth. Sometimes, when guests come in, they have such strange faces... I didn't understand the meaning of facial expressions before. But over time, I realized. The way of life they find themselves in, plunges them into surprise, sometimes just shock.

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Barefoot, tanned children who bathe in water of any temperature, climb to the tops of trees, run to the garden, pick something there, eat, eat their favorite grass or buds from trees, run away in an unknown direction.

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Moms who lie right on the grass and breastfeed babies, and then they calmly crawl on the grass. And it's not yet visible intimate conversations, you can't see the sunrises and sunsets, you can't see how and what families communicate, you can't see the most intimate, and thank God.

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Some open souls in a rush of feelings say - you live like in a fairy tale. Yes, friends, we live in a fairy tale. In a fairy tale that we create ourselves every day. In a fairy tale in which you can also live. What separates you from a wonderful life? One moment. One moment of decision. That's it, nothing else. From the moment you decide to become the Creator of your life, the fairy tale will begin to come true.

Yes, we work, we use machinery, we don't lie on the grass all day, but we don't work in the garden from morning to evening (in the heat from morning to evening we swim in the pond). Well, "we" are women with children for sure, Men sometimes, they have their own works, construction sites. Everyone creates the life that he likes - who has grass above the waist, who has a lawn, everyone has different houses, livestock, farm. We are united by our attitude to the earth - do no harm, and the general idea is to create a space of Love for our Kind for centuries. This is not a sect, not a religion, this is an idea, which, by the way, everyone sees differently. And yet we are together!

We do not depend on housing and communal services. But we depend on a lot of things, and we also remove these dependencies, slowly, in order to come to full self-sufficiency, moral and material.

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There are hundreds of settlements in Russia where thousands of people are already living their real life on earth. Find your piece of land, your piece of homeland, and be happy!
The big Homeland consists of these small pieces!

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Anastasia Aryamnova

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