Happiness to find a family estate 14.04.2022 13:32:33

Four years ago, my husband and I acquired a plot of 1.5 hectares in the settlement of the ancestral estates of Chik-Elga.

Счастье обрести родовое поместье (1).jpg

And now, finally, we have moved! Of course, the construction is still in full swing, we just have to move to a warm, large, comfortable house.

Счастье обрести родовое поместье (2).jpg

But the house is not the main thing! We are very happy!
The land has warmed us and is basking in the rays of our love!

Счастье обрести родовое поместье (3).jpg

The laid-out garden smiles warmly at us, the vegetable garden feeds us with environmentally friendly and kind vegetables, children frolic in the open.
My boys can finally be realized as real men. After all, men's affairs are exorbitant on their own Land.
In the estate, as nowhere else, men's energies are enhanced in men, and women's in women.
That's how Mother Nature harmonizes everything.

Счастье обрести родовое поместье (4).jpg

Clean air, fresh water, wild plants, birdsong - all this heals, fills and ennobles the body and soul!

Author Julia Davletshina

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