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From time to time, I conduct embroidery classes for the schoolchildren of the Lesnaya Рolyana settlement.

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For as long as I can remember, applied art has always been interesting to me. Since childhood, I have been sewing, embroidering and drawing. Even at school, I began to sew to orders - even sewing for teachers. For several years I was engaged in batik - artistic painting on fabric and now embroidery.

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I decided to start my own business with embroidery after analysing foreign Internet sites. Abroad, embroidery workshops in the form of detailed instructions with photographs are in high demand. With this approach, I don’t even part with the product I embroidered, people buy a step-by-step guide and a template, embroider themselves and send me photos of their work.

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I started simple and I came up with a series of cute suns. These patterns are good for beginners, as well as children. Sometimes, of course, it happened that a design that I really liked was not bought and then I went and came up with a new design. This is the most favourite part of the job! I am very inspired by nature for new ideas: life in the kin domain is like living in a fairy tale - there is a forest nearby, birds flying, squirrels jumping.

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I try to make embroidery simple so that it does not require a lot of time - a person should enjoy the process and relax. At the same time, the design must be original and unusual. In other words, I like simple techniques to achieve maximum artistic expression. I think a lot of people like it in my work.

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Of course, in order to sell master classes such as these, you need to not only be able to embroider, but also to promote on social networks, take pictures, write posts and ideally, create your own website. Now, when access to foreign sites are closed, this is more difficult to do. But I have a website and regular customers, so at the moment I get, first of all, the pleasure of the process.

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This is the most important thing because I have three children who need my attention. They also love creativity: they draw, do pyrography or make something. They know how to embroider to some degree or another. From time to time, I conduct embroidery classes for schoolchildren of the Lesnaya Рolyana settlement. Their skill has grown over the years. In the future, I would like to sell ready-made embroidery kits with my designs. And, someday, release a beautiful book on learning to embroider, with photos, patterns and instructions.

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Yelena Anichkina

Lesnaya Рolyana: Kin Domain Settlement
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