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Who are we?
20 years ago we created our settlement, located amongst traditional villages. We are the same as everyone else, only with clearly defined values:
- love for nature
- harmonious family relationships
- healthy lifestyle
- good neighbourliness and respect for other opinions
- ethical entrepreneurship

Our settlement was created as a Settlement of Kin's Domains. This type of settlement is described in V. Megre's books the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, and we, the readers, being city dwellers with gardens, dachas, and even living in our own houses, were very inspired by this idea and we united and created our settlement.

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But what is interesting.
Some of our residents have not read V. Megre's books at all. At the same time, they are wonderful people with the same life principles. Some families permanently live on their domains, while other families prefer the dacha format.

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However, our goal is to become a fully-fledged settlement with families that have children permanently residing on their land. Families with pure thoughts and that are firmly on their feet financially.

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We are not self-contained.
We are open for communication and actively interact with the city, with residents and administrations of nearby villages as well as with other settlements of kin domains, of which there are more than 380 in the country today.

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We have wonderful people of different professions and nationalities - and all so talented! It is enough just to see how, with so much love, our domains are settling down and flourishing.

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Chelyabinsk region

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