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Planting a hedge is, as experience shows, not a problem either!

If we want a lush and fast-growing hedge so that it begins to fulfil its functions as quickly as possible, it will have to be looked after. A little bit, but you have to - because if it is abandoned to the mercy of the winds, weeds and fauna, young trees and shrubs will only gain strength and begin active growth after a long time.

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My care for fresh plantings is as follows: I water all the seedlings (not only in the hedge) twice after planting - the next day and a week later. I water each plant properly, 2-3 watering cans - it can be more. This is done so that the roots tend to go deeper into the thickness of the earth for water. If you water a little bit, then only the top layer of soil is wetted and the roots stretch up to this moisture. This is bad for plant development. So I water a lot and only a couple of times. Well, maybe even in a drought, and then, only specimens that are especially valuable to the heart. I never water them again. They produce the necessary moisture themselves.

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But! I mulch them. I mulch with cut grass. I put it around in a thick layer. And I mulch all plantings for two to three years, 2 times per season. Why do I prefer mulching with grass clippings over other materials? Because it not only frees me from the need to water, but also provides nutrition to the plants.

You can, of course, not mulch the hedge. Plants will survive and adapt. But I observed the difference in the development of such plants many times. Bushes and trees that are mulched are often twice as tall as those that grow on their own. Abandoned, unmulched plantings lag behind in growth and development by 3 or even 5 years.

In general, the care of my hedge is watering twice and mulching.

And there is one more thing. One very important part! All plants need your attention. Necessarily! At least once in a lifetime (their life) you need to talk to them, give a piece of your energy, set a program for them. And they will fulfil it with pleasure, and will give you joy all their lives!

Easy landings! Let your hedge grow by leaps and bounds and bring comfort and serenity to your Space! Beginning of the article

Anna Makaricheva

 Kin Domain Settlement Lyubodar
Regione di Vladimir

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