Spring Goodies at the Manor 31.05.2023 14:50:40

Flowering has begun on the estate!
Yesterday there were buds and today everything is white - cherry, shadberry, pear, plum and blackthorn.

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Not all flowers will turn into fruits and not all fruits will ripen. Also in life - not all dreams and ideas will come true this year to match the color. And you need to know how to accept this in nature and live on in the summer, autumn, winter. There are new dreams, ideas that will arrive in time.

Syrup from unpeeled dandelions.

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Moderately viscous, sweet and with a slight aftertaste I don’t know very well. Although, how do I not know? Dandelions. There is a subtle bitterness in the aftertaste: light and elusive, like future dandelion fluff.

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This syrup tastes better to me than just from yellow petals. I didn’t bring it to a caramel state when I cooked it - about two hours. If you still have dandelions in bloom, do not be lazy and collect for testing.

The gout has grown and the salad can be made from its petioles. We take the gout, wash it and leave only the petioles. Finely chopped with added salt and sour cream. Ready!

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Quick and easy, fresh, crispy and springy. Just what you need in the summer half of the year. I changed this salad. Added a few linden leaves. They are now soft, tender and sweet. They help the respiratory system.

May nettle lemonade. Pour young fresh nettles with hot water of 70-80 degrees. Not boiling water! Let it stand until it cools down. Add a drop of honey and a slice of lemon.

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Drink, get healthy and enjoy the beginning of the summer half of the year. This recipe is good while the nettle is young.

Kristina Yakovleva
KDS Rosinka, Yaroslavl region

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