Knowledge Day in Lubimovka 08.09.2023 16:35:26

Traditionally, every year on Knowledge Day, we congratulate our children on a new learning stage in their lives. This year we have as many as two first-graders and this is twice as many as last year.

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Of course, we started with a solemn line, where we wished the children interest in learning, joy and new discoveries. In turn, we as parents and teachers, will try to preserve and increase the craving for knowledge in our children.

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There was a bell and the first bell was rung by the first-graders on the strong shoulders of their dads. Of course, there was already a tradition of planting the Knowledge Tree - a yellow plum now adorns our school garden.

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This year there was an innovation: one of the mothers came up with the wonderful idea of a time capsule - and our students wrote wishes for the future.

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And then there were gifts, a lot of games, a fruit table and tea drinking.

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Kin Domain Settlement Lubimovka
Tver region

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