Autumn whisper of grasses 30.10.2023 18:21:42

Slowly but surely autumn is approaching us. Either it will drizzle with rain or it will expose the trees, or it will blow with coolness - and, along with this, another state approaches: peace and reset.

The beauty of the autumn garden is very fragile and delicate. At this time, everything is preparing for change. So far, hydrangeas, bushes of perennial asters, buddleias and sedums are still delighting us with their blooms. Trees and shrubs, in anticipation of relaxation, paint the space in pink-crimson, ruby-red, honey-orange and violet-crimson tones. Ginnal maples and Manchurian maples, Ussuri pears, apricots and euonymus are striving the most. Forest and garden viburnums, rowan trees, snowberries and barberries are all in a hurry to boast a colourful harvest of berries.

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However, grasses occupy a special place in the autumn compositions. So thin and airy, but at the same time elastic and full of vitality, they will successfully complement any flower bed or natural area. When the perennials wither and the leaves fall from the trees, it is the grasses that will delight you with their elegant appearance until the snowfalls.

Natural and ornamental grasses are extremely diverse in the shape and color of inflorescences and foliage. They are also very variable in size and growth rate. For example, dense and erect stems of reed grass, fountains of ears of bluish lightning and amazing fan-shaped miscanthus inflorescences sway at a height of about one and a half meters.

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In general, it is not easy to convey in words the charm and grace of these plants. They need to be observed and admired in motion. To see how the panicles of grasses, so fluffy and pliable, rush about under gusts of wind or sway meditatively and whisper among themselves.

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In my opinion, it is in autumn that grasses create an atmosphere that so subtly matches the mood of nature. When you want to merge with the space and think about something new simultaneously with it. When you want to meditate, dream, search and find inspiration in new ideas and deeds. It is at this moment that it is especially necessary for there to be a picture pleasing to the eye. Yes, it is not as juicy and perky as in spring and not as bright and ardent as in summer, but still lively, interesting and charming.

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Plant decorative grasses in your kin domain and in the long autumn the ripe ears of your space will restore peace of mind and whisper to you that everything invariably passes, but something new will definitely come to replace it, something that will captivate, inspire, fill you with energy and give joy.

Anna Gubina

Kin Domain Settlement Lubodar
Vladimir region

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