It is better to dig ponds at the end of winter 22.03.2024 12:03:43

The best time to dig ponds is at the end of winter, when the groundwater level is at its lowest all year. But this year it was not so low. What to do in this case?

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In mid-February, a large Amkodor digger loader tractor was called in to dig a pond on the Lucy estate. At the same time, they cleared the roads in Maiskoye, saving on the cost of delivering equipment to the clearing.

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The beginning of digging another pond in a settlement evokes a magical feeling, just like when building a house, planting a garden and starting other big projects to improve your Earth! By the way, this is already the sixth pond in Mayskoye.

What were the special features this time? and why a digger loader tractor and not an excavator? Because the top, fertile layer of soil is important to us and it makes sense to first rake it, take it away from the pond and put it in heaps, forming future high beds. The rest of the soil, sand and clay, can simply be piled around the pond. An excavator cannot do this, so it makes sense to only involve it at the next stage, if necessary.

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This year, under the fertile layer, damp, soft soil was immediately discovered, in which the tractor left marks and risked getting stuck.

Therefore, this work had to be stopped quite quickly, but it did the main job: the estate now has several high ridges of fertile land, not lost or buried under mountains of clay!

If the ground were dry, it would be possible to continue digging the pond without involving additional equipment. But the site is located in the lowest part of the clearing, so there is usually a lot of water there. But the pond will always be full! So, the next task is to call the excavator and finish what we started.

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