Hay-straw 15.04.2024 19:51:03

We stocked up on a couple of rolls of straw in the fall.

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Mown grass is an invaluable assistant in gardening. Moisture, fertiliser and covering the soil - microorganisms are blessed under the mulch and plants grow without hassle.

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We have been “friends” with grass for a long time and we use it. Gaining experience with straw is ahead, as it is gradually being introduced into the garden. Mulching is a non-stop process.

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But if you want the earth to warm up faster - and for some plants it is extremely necessary for the earth to be warmed up, then the mulch must be moved.

Сено-солома (4).jpg

This is how we garden. It’s impossible to resist - +5° and you’re already running to your beds, interacting with Mother Earth with your hands.

Katerina Putsar

MoiHectar.rf Family estate
Rodovoye KDS, Rostov region

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