Life in the Kin Domain Settlement Kolybel 23.05.2024 21:30:36

You know, it’s so great to come home in the evening after such a communal evening around the fire with the most ordinary, friendly dinner. When the children spent the whole evening “toasting” bread over the fire and building themselves a hut, and we, adults, were “smoked” by the fire over the warmest, simplest conversations!

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And it’s so joyful to realise that you have them, and they have you, and all together we have each other.

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And there is pure, natural beauty all around. Like our Pavel Lipp yesterday, he went to get a pitchfork to make it easier to place twigs around the fire and disappeared.

- Pasha, where have you been?
- There the nightingale sang so beautifully, I listened to it!

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May 15th was our Kolybel’s birthday. It was on this day 14 years ago that the first settlers first came here, the village of Kazaikha. They fell in love! We remembered how it was, the difficulties and joys! Everyone has their own unique story and their own path! And I remembered our story of coming to the settlement Kolybel!

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Happy Birthday, dear Kolybel! Blossom and bloom! We will try to preserve and increase your beauty! Let there be more happy large families in the settlement Kolybel!

Kin Domain of the Taran-Ignatiev family
Kin Domain Settlement Kolybel
Ulyanovsk region

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