• Does Shchetinin’s school work? Are there any new students?
    Unfortunately, I don’t know.
    I only read two of your books: “the Ringing cedars of Russia”, “The new civilization”. Your books, like songs, like the old tale. I am very grateful to you for the courage and to Anastasia for confidence. I’ll read other books book written by you. I have
    All happened as it happened. I’m trying to understand why.
    I really admire your creation.)) Your books have inspired me on creation of ways of development of human capabilities) I have very little to boast, all is at state of conception.) If you have information, please share the method of development of abilitie
    You said that it is in a state of conception. So it will beget and bring forth in you. And maybe I will look at your actions with rapture. The word “conception” is magnificent, an encouraging word, behind this word is a great adventure.
    I’m sorry that draw you attention away from the creation of the new book. In Russia there is Kontseptual′naya partiya Yedineniye (Conceptual party Unity) also known as Russian national movement “Course of Truth and Unity” held parliamentary hearings in th
    I met with Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov in his country house. This is a very strong, bright and brave man. I still regret that the meeting was short, but in my memory he will forever remain strong and courageous general, handsome man Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov.
    There are many interesting things in your books, truthful and not very… But most importantly – why no one saw Anastasia and your children? Maybe you come up with all these images? Or does Anastasia really exist?
    Thank you for such great evaluation of my fantasies. But, unfortunately, I can’t take all the credit. Anastasia and children do really exist.
    Vladimir, all your books are great. I know them by heart. But 10th isn’t your book, because of different style of writing (as if it was written by another person), I experience other feelings. Yes, and it is contrary to the previous parts. Meaning and pur
    Maybe it’s because everything in this world is changing, and I am changing also. I can barely remember myself as an entrepreneur, leading a trade caravan ships. Anasta is Anasta. I need to understand her on my own. One thing I will say, I really like image of Anasta. He is in me and he will win.
    In one of his books you give an example of how is your son solves complex math problems faster than a calculator. How can I learn this?
    Good question, but honestly, I would rephrase it – what you need to do to unlearn this?
    When book about the party would be available?
    I’m writing it now.
    I’m concerned about how much is hectare of land? And how much approximately will cost the arrangement of the family space?
    I, like many others bought a hectare of land for 30,000 rubles. And all the time I’m thinking of how to make the hectare built the family homestead itself. I have ideas in this regard, I’ll let you know when I put it into practice.
  • Is it possible to return the image of our “Anastasia.ru” website? What caused the change?
    If I had the opportunity concerned only with website … But I think it’ll be back and back in a lovely manner.
    How are you?Where do you live now? Are you settling the homestead? I got the land, but unfortunately had to be abandoned because I got married. But I will try to buy a house. How’s Anastasia doing? Son Vladimir came to our world? Does he have a girlfriend
    It is impossible to answer this set of comprehensive questions briefly. But I will try to do it in the next books.
    People are tired from the election of system leaders. Let’s start to create a Rodnaya (Native) party, on the principle of the veche (popular assembly in ancient Russia).
    I totally agree with you. The events of the last years showed the necessity of creation of such a party. I will be glad, if organized group that creates it. I personally prepared the request for the establishment of the party, but I am not ready to be its direct organizer.
    Does Anastasia really exists or not? There is a video about it?
    I have repeatedly answered this question, but I will answer again. Anastasia is extremely real. So real that her thoughts can be felt in our present reality worldwide. What could be more real?
    Please tell me, will you visit Kolomna?
    Maybe I will come one day. I really want to buy motorhome and to travel across Russia and Europe to collect all the best sayings about the future of Russia. I’ll travel together with the bards when I buy it.
    Is it possible to get the recipe of the drink that Volodya prepared for you? I understand that it is also necessary to know the time of collection. But I think it can be found in our mountains. It is no information in the book; I understand why Anastasia
    Perhaps another reason really exists, I think it’s not even the components that were in the drink, but energy of hands which prepared it. If you give a glass of water to the man with an enemy feeling it will poison him, if you give a glass of water with love it will heal him. I think so, and you?
    Are you familiar with the “global loan-society” MMM-2011?
    A lot of people are interested in this question. No, I’m not familiar with this project.
    Where can I buy ringing cedar pendant?
    Ringing cedar pendant is not on sale. Pendant with similar properties being sold in the company marked by Megre LLC. You can contact them by email export@megre.ru.