Anabela Wind and Water

Dear Mr. Vladimir Megre,

You have helped me, and I want to thank you very, very much. And of course, I thank Anastasia aswell. I want to write to you about this special issue. Your writings changed my picture of Russia. That's why I am so very gratefull to you.

My family comes from East Prussia (Ostpreussen), which is now the russian Kaliningrad Oblast. My family suffered a lot during „the great patriotic war“ (we call it the „2nd world war“). Kaliningrad was first bombed bei Great Britain and USA and then used as a battle ground between the powers of war, the german nazis and the russian soviets. They both didn't care about the population being killed or living in hunger, diseases and war stress, in a distroyed city. When the soviets took over, they tortured and massacred the germans cruelly.

My grandmother and mother often spoke about the war and about the very traumatic experiences. My grandmother used to say: „The russians are horrible, but the US- americans are not better.“ I know very well that the german army under the nazi-regime did the same type of crimes in Russia during that war, but that doesn't change our pain.

I couldn't help thinking about russians like that: „they are the ones who ignore the terrible crimes their country commited. They go on living and don't care.“ My family's fate motivated me to read a lot on that time, to visit places, to speak to relatives or to people who remembered. I visited Kaliningrad three times and other places in Russia. I even published two books with my family's history!

For many reasons it was great to read Anastasia's books, but this reason is so very special to me. I started to see Russia differently. I started to see a country I could admire and dream of!!! A country that has a big mystic, spiritual and paranormal hability and tradition. A country that has a beautifull future and a healing message for humanity. Now, when I occasionally hear tourists speaking russian, I think: „that's the language Anastasia speaks“ or „maybe they are Anastasia readers“.

It is so wunderfull, not to have anymore that weight of old wars and in stead to have a paradise to dream of.

Thank You!
Thanks also to Polina!

Anabela Wind and Water, born 1956, Anastasia reader, astrologer, trying to do a little agriculture, lerning about herbs, and dreaming.
Portugal, 11-1-11

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