Anastasia is a Supreme Being and Master! Thank you for revealing her to the world.
Please, visit us again in San Francisco By Area!

Claartje Bos
dear Anastasia and author,
I love the work the both of you did by inspiring and writing WONDER FUL books.
last night, I fellt pain in my joints (recently I feel so now and then pain in my joints) and in my (half) sleep I said the sentence: "the ringing cedars of Russ...

Randi Lange Reinhoff
Dear Vladimir. Thank you so much from the deep of my heart, a book like that I have never read before and it clinged in my heart as something known to me. I look forward to the next. Warm greetings from Norway<3

Darko Milankovic
Dear Vladimir,

first of thank you for everything. The story is essence of life, energy, love and  complete oneness with everything around us. Complete connection with universal principles and creative forces. Thank you a lot.

Kristina Crawford
Dear Mr. Megre,

I have been privileged to have the English version of your books. I am currently reading book five and read your letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. It inspired me to write my own letter to our president Barack Obama. In my letter I explained your books, the impact t...

Monica Montanez
Dear Vladimir,

I am a Latino woman and even before reading your books, just by the wonderful reviews I knew we urgently need this message in Spanish. The summer institute for linguistics listed it as the second most widely spoken language after Chinese. There are over 300 million Spani...

Thank you for Anastasia,

Her message is magical.
The words of Love are an inspiration for the millions of people who read it.
Everyone Thanks you...

Warm gentle breath of life
I adore your golden ray
like a healing kiss unto my soul
you guide m...

Lex Veelo
Dear Vladimir Megre,
Today we did send you a telegram to Manilla with following text:

"Our heartfelt congratulations with the International recognition for your wonderful work in writing the books about Anastasia: The Gusi Peace Prize!!!
We are looking forward to your n...

It seems Anastasia's dream was not an unfamiliar dream at all. Many have dreamed and been inspired by such loving thoughts of co-creation and co-existence in their lives...

Vladimir it is your persistence to this dream and dedication that shows me your love and integrity. I dream t...

Thank YOU for the the writing and inspiration and for sharing all the wisdom. It's changing the world. Love from Portugal