Gonzalo Carrasco

Hi Mr Vladimir.. I?m sure you must recive 1000letters per day..How can I touch you? How con I be part of this great new era?? I?m From Chile and I ?m living in Portugal as a professional photographer.. I studie Documentaries. Today I finish your 2nd book and I started the 3rd one... New horizon are open in front of me and I ?m asking my self how to make my real change, for me and my family..(with a son of 11 month) For sure I have to start with my self and try to do the best that I can for my son Nur Ian, But reading about Anastassia, your experience with her and all the energy that is moving with love; I feel the need to offer my help I don?t know how... may be you know... Any way.. I will keep reading your books.. and comunicating with Anastassia asking her for help to understang my own plan... thanks a lots for bring us a chance to build a better new world... with Love
Gonzalo Carrasco Acu?a

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