Dear Vladimir Megre :)
I would like to thank you for your being you :) for so much gentle love, coming out of your books, to open peoples eyes, how much our mother Earth is beautiful even we are :)
Thank you so much, and sending you so much love and greatings from Slovak repu...

Benjamin Fuhler
Dear Vladimir
    I would like to say thank you, to both you and Anastasia. Thank you for awakening the inner thought of man. Allowing man to see the true power of man. To truelly realize the perfection of man. I must say thank you Anastasia. Thank you for bringing forth th...

Gonzalo Carrasco
Hi Mr Vladimir.. I?m sure you must recive 1000letters per day..How can I touch you? How con I be part of this great new era?? I?m From Chile and I ?m living in Portugal as a professional photographer.. I studie Documentaries. Today I finish your 2nd book and I started the 3rd one... New horizon are ...

Anabela Wind and Water
Dear Mr. Vladimir Megre,

You have helped me, and I want to thank you very, very much. And of course, I thank Anastasia aswell. I want to write to you about this special issue. Your writings changed my picture of Russia. That's why I am so very gratefull to you.

My fami...

Thank you so much for your inspiration. I am incredibly grateful to you and Anastasia. I am starting a school in England, similar to Shetinin's school. Thank you. Love to you and your family.

Natasja and Nathalie
We?ve never read any books as inspiring as yours, a thousand thanks to you and Anastasia! Together, in love, we?ll make our earth a paradise :)

Kisses, sisters Natasja and Nathalie

Julianne Grovehagen

I show deep respect for both you and Anastasia!
The two of you are deeply rooted in my heart.
Thanks so much for the wisdom and love

Love from Norway!
Let's change the world!

Dear V.Merge,
I read the Ringing Cedar series in hungarian, i love these books.
I would like to make the Space of Love in Hungary.
And i really thank you for the books and the information for Anastasia.
I love you all the people who can make the world more pure and filled wi...

Noor Bunnik-Leenders
Dear Vladimir Megre,
please can you get your new book translated to English as soon as possible, because we would love to learn more.
Thank you for writing!

Berivan Unus Aydemir
I love the books and i love Anastasia she is always with me in my heart an I am so happy!!

THank you so much Mr. Megre