Andreas Pfeifer
Dear Vladimir,

My name is Andreas Pfeifer and I live with my wife and my  3 children (19, 17 and 14 years) in Paraguay for ten years now. Since childhold I love and plant trees. I began in the age of 9 years 1974 in my birthtown Mainz in Germany and since today planted 30.000 trees...

Message from An Estonian Reader
We thank Andre Tamm - an Estonian reader of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series from Tallin - for his warm message!

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richard handscombe
Dear Vladamir and Anastasia, I am english and 78 years old and retired in 1994 to a then wonderful self sufficent golden valley. Now unfortunately most previoiusly agriculrtural land is built on or abandoned. In the valley are two caves where early man lived 27,000 and 25,000 years ago. Over 30,000 ...

Bonjour tout le monde,

Merci pour ces beaux livres... la traduction en Français est longue j'ai hâte de lire le volume 8.
Anastasia à su toucher les Âmes, moi comme beaucoup d'autres.
Merci de nous réveiller.
A bientôt.

Joan Mae
Dear Anastasia, Vladimir, Volodya, and Nastenka:

Greetings of love! I am from the southern part of the Philippines called Davao City.

My daughter's teacher lent me a copy of your book and I cannot stop reading it. In many occasions while reading your book, I would simp...

Alexander Ivanov
Hello,Vladimir. I was a bright kid from early on, but, as I was growing up my light faded away.
I was fourteen when I read the first book which is probably my favorite one along with book ten. The books you created along with Anastasia, opened my mind toward the primal legasy of nature. Even t...

Anastasia and Vladimir,
Thank you, I am now reading your whole series for the 6th time, every reading brings me deeper insight and understanding. My relationship to life has changed with your brave words!! Blessings to you and your precious children... I look forward to joining you in this OUR...

Stanislav Kocur
Well, where to start. First thoughts I had about this book were doubting whether this book agrees with Christian teaching. I considered it rather as occultism but decided to read it. I can't explain how this book could open my heart for God. I am a Christian from my born but never been that open...

Dearest Vladimir,

There is not enough time, words or space to express my gratitude. I want to say thank you. You, with Anastasia, have saved my life, and most importantly my soul. I owe you absolutely everything. I would do anything I can to help Anastasia, and your work.


Dear Mr. Megre,

I've just finished reading your first book translated to Japanese.Amazing!
I'm raising up two kids and Anastasia's words will definitely change my way of childminding.
I'm excited to share the wisdom with my family and friends.
Thanks a ...