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The settlement is situated in a picturesque area in the Arkhangelsk district, Republic of Bashkortostan, 110 km away from Ufa.

Settlement “Chik-Elga” was founded in October 2010. We, the residents who started it, all met on the website

We were inspired by the idea of creating a family bequest settlement after reading the books by Vladimir Megre "the Ringing Cedars of Russia". Anastasia, the main character, spoke about the idea of family homesteads, about the great future of Russia and the World, a new philosophy of life.

It was this beautiful dream that brought us together. We operate within an existing legislation, supported by the administration. The land is allocated as an extension of the village of Chik-Elga. Currently there are about 43 hectares at our disposal, some of which have already found potential owners.

The settlement is situated in a picturesque area in the Arkhangelsk district, Republic of Bashkortostan, 110 km away from Ufa. The Republic of Bashkortostan is known for its beautiful, sub montane landscape. The name of the village "Chik-Elga" in Bashkir means "on the banks of the river". The village is situated at the meeting point of two rivers; the mountain river Chik-Elga and the river Skimca. A lot of berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs grow wild here. There are mixed forests of lime, oak and pine. At the foot of the mountains there are wild apple trees with big, aromatic apples.

At the moment 19 families already have their own homesteads. In autumn 2014 we were joined by 5 families who had already chosen their areas within the boundaries of the extension. We don't waste time being idle - there are so many projects but luckily we have a friendly team!
Examples of our projects:

• In autumn 2009 our “Green team” planted trees in the courts of the city of Ufa;
• In June 2010 we painted the bridge over the river Skimca at the mouth of Chik-Elga;
• We have founded a training club;
• We created VIE (Vocal-[Music] Instrumental-Ensemble) "Sundresses and Sandals", whose repertoire includes songs written by us: about us, about our land, about "Chik-Elga". On the 27th of March in Universal Sports Hall CSKA, Moscow hosted the First international festival Ringing Cedars, VIE "Sundresses and Sandals" took part in it and became a laureate of musical competition "Vedrussiya Art";
• We initiated the restoration of the street lighting system in the "old" part of the village in 2014;
• We established a local seed vegetables fund, acclimatized to the local conditions of the foothills.

It is expected the settlement will be numerous hopefully by 2020 will reach 100-120 family homesteads with a school, sports area and guest house.
We are open for cooperation; we are pleased to host visitors and new settlers. The municipality has vacant land to provide to interested persons.
Please let us know if you would like to schedule your visit or call us ahead of your arrival!

Settlement “Chik-Elga”, Republic of Bashkortostan

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