Serebryanye Rosy

Russia, Bryansk Oblast/Region
Foreign Languages: Russian

"Serebryanye Rosy" is located 30 km from Bryansk (population of Bryansk – 450.000).

The settlement "Serebryanye Rosy" came about thanks to the book series "the Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Vladimir Megre. One of the central ideas of the series is the creation of family bequeath settlements as a way to change ourselves and the world in which we live. If everyone created a little homestead over the space of 1 hectare, our earth would become a flourishing garden!

We want the whole Earth to transform into a blooming Garden of Eden!

"Serebryanye Rosy" is located 30 km from Bryansk (population of Bryansk – 450.000).

"Serebryanye Rosy" was founded in 2004. It was formed by a gathering of wonderful people, who all shared the same dream of creating a perfect habitat in which to raise their children and create their own ancestral homes on a small piece of their homeland.

We chose a place near the once-large village of Verhopol’e, in the Karachevsky district.

These places are very beautiful. Behind the settlement there is a fairy forest, rich in mushrooms (penny bun, suillus and milky cap), berries (raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, stone bramble) and other gifts of nature. There are so many strawberries in the fields near the forest! The settlement joins onto an orchard. "Forest apples" grow in the woods.

The settlement borders a pine forest, apple orchard and the village of Verhopol’e. There is a pond nearby where you can go swimming. At the moment there are 26 families living here. There is land for sale nearby.

The land is privately owned. There is electricity, however a gas network is not planned. There is a school 6 km away in the neighboring village. We hope to found our own school in the future.

"Serebryanye Rosy", Bryansk Oblast

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