Vladimir Megre Conference in India

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International Readers' Conference,
“Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series
in India, Goa 2017


Speaker: India is an incredible country with an amazing history, picturesque population, unusual food and beautiful nature. This is the only country on Earth, where religious and cultural traditions have not been interrupted since ancient times. Here was born the earliest school of medicine – Ayurveda. Hindu honors the knowledge of their ancestors. Ayurveda is taught in state universities, and put into practice to this day. It is in India was held Vladimir Megre conference, author of "Ringing cedars of Russia" book series. The conference brought together readers of books by Vladimir Megre from different corners of our planet.

Guest from Paris: We came from Paris, but we have a land in Burgundy.

Aleksey Kucherenko: My wife Irina, my name is Aleksey Kucherenko. We are very excited to attend the conference.

Irina Kucherenko: We came here from Sydney.

Speaker: Meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere. The guests could communicate with each other, share experience of creation of family homesteads. Vladimir Megre told about family homestead settlement of Russia and other countries, shared stories of their readers. His books changed the lives of many people.

Vladimir Megre: I'm very proud, I'm very happy that people in many countries began to create family homesteads. They came to it not through mind; they came to it through the senses. Because some of the chapters in the books evoke feelings, it says nothing about family homesteads. And these feelings forced them to learn more about their ancestors or ancestor that lived several million years ago, he saw this beautiful world that today's people are trying to recover once again. I think the future of the Earth, of course, will be beautiful, I am deeply convinced of this, because I am lucky – I saw it. I come to settlement, and I see the future. I understand that this is a young sprout. I understand that this sprout may grow into a tree.

Speaker: Everyone was able to ask questions to the author.

Vladimir Megre: Does Anastasia exist or not? In what case person exists or not exists? If the person is in a particular program, it means he exists (in the divine program I mean). Why, despite the attempts of many people (there are opponents, who are trying to prove – does Anastasia exist or not) but most people say: "I feel it, she exists, she is a real person and a strong voice." Why is this happening? Think over the Anastasia words: “I give the whole of my soul to people. Prepare yourself, all evil-mindedness to leave the Earth! I stand alone in front of you. Try to defeat me. The battle will be fought without a battle. My fathers and progenitor will help me. Give True Light to them, give them all, for me so protectively save.”

Followers of Anastasia began to appear all over the world. These are the people of different nationalities, different religions, and, nevertheless, they are united in their aspiration. Therefore, Anastasia exist. I understood why she wrote that “I exist for those I exist for”. She does not impose itself on anyone.

Speaker: Vladimir Megre told about his forthcoming book at the meeting.

Vladimir Megre: I'll say a few words, the basic idea of the new book that's not out yet. I haven't met Anastasia several years, but I met her grandfather.

I said: "It is difficult to continue to write without Anastasia".
He says: "Right. You don't have to write, you need to think. Read "Co-creation" again and you have a lot to understand."

And then we started to make out, what's the matter, why "Co-creation"? Looking ahead, I will say that the fact that what it says still exists in the universe and on Earth.

I can tell you the following. We think that God may be watching you. And how he watches everyone? What is a strange creature? It turns out that God has His program. Everything what happens on the Earth (technology, aircraft, cars, drugs), It was all created by this creature we call God.

For example: Calculator is very conveniently thing. But recently what makes a calculator, we calculated in the mind. And many people are preserved these abilities. But we are sorely losing these capabilities.

For example: Before grandmother perfectly know where her grandson is. And now grandma in the best case can find him if she make a phone call.

It turns out that there was such a program. Yes, he sees each of us in the smallest details. But he sees through this program. When a man retreats slightly from it, he begins to thicken, leaving as if in a fog. If he ever comes out of this program, he does not live. That is, he can walk, the body may go, but he's actually not in the program.

I took a fresh look at the "Co-creation" book. Now these thoughts that are associated with this book, I want to make some chapters of a new book and tell about the program of God. I said that humanity didn't do anything better than was already created by God. We went by technocratic way, but there is another one, let's call it biological way of development, and it is perfect. It's hard to understand, and it was hard for me to understand it too. I didn't know how to write, how to prove it to myself. Well. As it was created more perfect than technocratic way. After all, the car develops a speed two hundred kilometers per hour; the leopard develops a speed of 60 km per hour and the horse cannot develop such a speed.

Man is created more perfect. Grandpa says, "We don’t need this speed. The man, who moves so fast, sees only the markings on the roads". As for speed, nothing faster than human thought. After all, you can look at a star and mentally place yourself there, and none of the apparatus of the technocratic world can't do it. You need a moment to get there.

Even before I wrote in the books, space exploration, according to these hermits, this is not a technocratic path, but psychotelepathic.

Speaker: The author also read aloud his favorite bards poems.

Vladimir Megre:
Blossom sunrise
On the branches of the Ringing Cedar,
And the chaste Earth
Birth beam strikes.

Daybreak Heaven
Her breath of Love help
And caress her sleep
The interplanetary winds.

In each grain emerging power.
In the White Beam will revive Russia.
Anastasia, Anastasia, Save God!
Thank you!

In the framework of the conference, Vladimir Nikolaevich was able to talk with a local philosopher who spoke about the importance of "the Ringing cedars of Russia" books. In this amazing place, we were able not only to communicate but also to get acquainted with the local culture, swim in the warm Arabian Sea and enjoy the diverse nature that will impress even the most experienced traveler.

The meeting showed us once again how much like-minded person we have all over the world. The idea lives, unites countries, cultures, people of different religions and professions. The ideas described in the books of Vladimir Megre, make the world better and people closer to each other.

Information about past and upcoming events you can find on www.vmegre.com