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Vladimir Megre wishes you a Happy Earth Day! - video greetings of Vladimir Megre with the Earth Day!

Movement for Russian Kin’s Settlement Support

Press-conference devoted to the development of Russian Kin’s Settlement movement has taken place in ITAR TASS. The problems facing the Eco-Village Movement include effective use of lands, settlement of painful social questions, and traditional arrangement of domestic life and education of children. Vladimir Borev, Editor-in-Chief of analytical and information edition «Councilor of the President», Vladimir Megre, the writer, and Maya Ladilova, the Executive Director of Anastasia Foundation for Culture and Creative Support of the City of Vladimir, have taken part in the press-conference.

Anasta - new book of Vladimir Megre!

Anasta, Book 10 of Vladimir Megre’s Ringing Cedars of Russia series has been released!