Tatiana Madison – My impressions after the Celebration of the Kin Domains of Ukraine

One of the brightest events that the participants of the meeting remembered was the friendly lottery.

Katerina Putsar - Is it possible for a person to imagine that he is worthy to live in paradise right now

Not through generations, in some distant incarnation, not in other unreal worlds. Right now, in this life.

Olga Sementsova - About the book and those feelings that rise inside of me in the process of reading

Many people know the series of books by Vladimir Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", even if they have not read them.

Ekaterina Romanovskaya - We have chosen a new life

After getting acquainted with the idea of Kin Domains, I decided to drastically change my life, values and goals of life.

Kristina Yakovleva - Five first steps to equipping your Kin Domain

You draw your Kin Domain in your mind and on paper.

Peaches in the Belopavlinnoye Kin Domain

There are many fruits this year, dozens of boxes from just one tree, which is 6 years old from the seed!