Natalia Vasyukova. Serebryanye Rosy is my mom's settlement

The settlement was founded by readers of the books of Vladimir Megre in 2006.

Christmas tree and New Year tradition from Christina Yakovleva

It's time for us to decorate the tree

Children in the Zvon-Gora KDS, Belarus

We are often asked the question - what do your children like to do?

The Karpovs’ Kin domain. Practical experience of creating a Kin domain

Visiting Anatoly and Marina Karpovs.

Irina Lysenko about pumpkins and cedars

Irina Lysenko shared her thoughts and advice after watching a video from a meeting with Vladimir Megre in the KDS Ladnoye Art Centre on October 24, 2020.

In the Tamara Chumak’s Kin Domain. Ladnoe Settlement

The history of the Kin Domain, as well as the history of its owners, is amazing.