Radostnoe (Joyful)

Russia, Altai Krai/Region
Foreign Languages: Russian

We are located between the Altai Krai cities of Troitsk and Biysk. 

We are located between the Altai Krai cities of Troitsk and Biysk. It is one hour to Biysk by car. From Biysk, drive towards Barnaul until the sign for “Lugovskoe”. It is 13 km to Lugovskoe, and then another 13 km to us along Put’ Leninisma (Path “Leninism”), otherwise known as “Komunna” (Commune). Here you will find electric lighting, wells and friendly residents. We are social and often sit around the campfire together. There are 8 permanent residences whose families remain in the settlement over winter. The other homesteads are under construction – we are growing slowly but steadily!

We are all very different, but we share the same ideology – to develop a perfect living space for ourselves and our children, grandchildren, grandparents and, of course, our parents! We want to create a space of harmony and love!

We are creating a settlement here in which we can live in peace and friendship with like-minded people, i.e. people who are spiritually close to each other and who share a common dream and goal. Let's turn our planet into a Garden of Eden!!

Come and visit us, you can come in winter — we’ve got plenty of room!

Radostnoe Family Homestead, Altai Krai

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We are in the process of creating the Berezan’ Family Bequest Settlement, situated 6 km from Nalobikha (rail station ‘Ovchinnikova’), a village in the Kosikhinskiy district of Altai Krai. 

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Dolina Ra

Dolina Ra Family Bequest Settlement is located in the Charyshsky District of Altai Krai. It is situated in the middle point between the villages of Charyshskoe, Svalovka and Borovlyanka (North-East of Charyshskoe, towards Bashchelaka).

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Наше поселение образовалось в 2010 г. Инициативная группа, вдохновленная идеями создания Родовых поместий, изложенных в книгах Владимира Мегре "Звенящие кедры России"

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