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Svetogor’e is located in the village Solonovka, in the Smolensky district of Altai Krai. 

Svetogor’e is located in the village Solonovka, in the Smolensky district of Altai Krai. The Solonovka River flows through the village, separating it into two parts. The southern part of the village is characterised by bald mountains covered in rare mixed vegetation. In the south-west is the Tolstuha Mountain, which is a well-known paragliding spot. To the north lies a vast plain. 

Perekop Farm, Lunagrad Farm and Cachegash place are located at the foot of mountains, near Solonovka village. Malushkin log is at the source of the Peschanaya River, in the first mountain ridge. The road to Malushkin Log passes the well-known tourist spot “Shchyoki” (Cheeks). Upstream of the river Solonovka are the camping grounds “Bobrovaya Zaimka” — the most popular area for paragliding. 

To celebrate Slavic holidays, we manufacture traditional Slavic clothing, dolls, talismans and so on. We are also reviving traditional occupations such as pottery, carpentry and beekeeping.

If you wish to move here, we’d be happy to have you as our neighbours!

Svetogor’e Family Homestead Settlement, Altai Krai

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We are in the process of creating the Berezan’ Family Bequest Settlement, situated 6 km from Nalobikha (rail station ‘Ovchinnikova’), a village in the Kosikhinskiy district of Altai Krai. 

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Dolina Ra

Dolina Ra Family Bequest Settlement is located in the Charyshsky District of Altai Krai. It is situated in the middle point between the villages of Charyshskoe, Svalovka and Borovlyanka (North-East of Charyshskoe, towards Bashchelaka).

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Наше поселение образовалось в 2010 г. Инициативная группа, вдохновленная идеями создания Родовых поместий, изложенных в книгах Владимира Мегре "Звенящие кедры России"

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