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The Strelenki Kin Domain Settlement is situated in the Mosalsky District of the Kaluga Oblast, near the village of Zaharino.

The Strelenki Kin Domain Settlement is situated in the Mosalsky District of the Kaluga Oblast, near the village of Zaharino.

We are placed in a unique location bordering the northern forests and the southern plains. We are 220 km from Moscow, 120km from Kaluga, and 30km from the Mosalsk regional centre.

The settlement is on a mountain slope surrounded by forests full of mushrooms and berries. The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of the settlement is 10 metres. The river Popolta flows nearby, and there are several large mining ponds within walking distance.
The total area of settlement is 129 hectares, consisting of 100 hectares of land plots, 6.5 hectares of public territory and 6.6 hectares dedicated as a communal area.

There are 50 plots for homesteads in total. 13 sites have been claimed. There are 7 permanent resident families. The field and forest area are free for any of the residents to use; homestead plots are demarked for use by individual families.

There are different celebrations and events in our settlement. The most important holiday is the Summer Solstice. Together with our guests we organize festivities with games, songs and dances. We also have own holidays: Colour Day and the Zucchini Feast.
The nearest school is 5km away. We plan to build a school in the settlement. We have a resident music teacher. We also hold Wushu and Yoga classes regularly.

There are springs in our settlement. There is a power line and temporary electrical wiring in homes. The phone reception is stable; it is possible to connect 3G Internet.

- Create a Family Homestead
- Respect nature
- Respect others
- Communication, friendship, and mutual aid are very important
- Have a positive outlook
- Respect family traditions

Our settlement is an ideal choice for families who lead a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle; constructive, positive people without unhealthy habits who understand the financial and labour implications of creating a family homestead.

We invite you to join us in choosing to build your own family homestead! We are waiting for other people who have been inspired by "the Ringing Cedars of Russia" books series by Vladimir Megre. We look forward to seeing you in our wonderful settlement!

Strelenki Family Homestead Settlement, Kaluga Oblast

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Our settlement was created on August 20, 2006.

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The Kovcheg Kin Domain Settlement is one of the first kin domain settlements to be built in the last 10 years in Russia.

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Our settlement is in the Dzerzhinsky district of the Kaluga Oblast, 220 km from Moscow and 42km away from the city of Kaluga.

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