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Skazochnyy Kray (Fairy Land) Kin Domain Settlement is located in Krasnodar Krai in the Seversky district.

Skazochnyy Kray (Fairy Land) Kin Domain Settlement is located in Krasnodar Krai in the Seversky district. There is everything a person could wish for here — clean air and fertile land, spring water, mountain rivers and clear ponds, fairytale forest and fertile gardens, lush vegetable gardens with fragrant herbs. There is a hedge around the settlement which shelters the cosy homes within its boundary. All domestic and forest animals are our friends and helpers. We lead a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and we treat the natural inhabitants of the Skazochnyy Krai with care and love. This includes animals, birds and fish, of course, but also plants, land and water! The whole space of the territory and beyond it protects us, cares about our health, purifies our minds and connects us with God and the whole Universe.

Life in the settlement flows along steadily and joyfully. Everyone does what he likes, helping each other and working together. Together we plant flowers and trees, build houses and gazebos, work on communal areas and celebrate major events.

We have built a playground in the communal area. There is also a gazebo and a sports complex. We hold festivals, celebrations, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, fairs, and crafts workshops. The settlement regularly hosts classes for children and adults, such as physical education, dancing, drawing, acting, and yard games.

Residents of the settlement are engaged in environmental enterprise which benefits and helps preserve the world around us. There are residents who produce real crude oil, grind wholemeal flour, and make a healthy coffee drink from acorns. Others bake delicious cookies, make bread, create natural cosmetics, make vegetable-based soap, make crafts and jewellery, sew gorgeous outfits from natural fabrics, create beautiful clay products and much more. In our settlement you can relax body and soul and try out bee sleep therapy (sleeping above bee hives)! The residents here will be happy to take you on a hike to the nearby stone monuments (dolmens). You can go with them to visit the most beautiful places in Krasnodar Krai.

There are musicians, artists, yoga instructors, practicing psychologists, massage therapists, talented teachers and educators among us. There are wood carvers, bakers, carpentry masters and skilled masons in the settlement. We even have some computer whizzes!

Residents always help each other. We are prosperous – we have everything we need and love to share it with others in need.

Our settlement is well known for being a friendly, hard-working team. Members of other settlements nearby often come to our festivities and celebrations. Community work days, concerts and fairs are held regularly.
Each homestead has its own supply of electricity, water, heat and phone network.

The ‘Fairy-land’ Kin Domain Settlement is developing and growing very quickly. We invite happy families with children and young couples who are ready to move into the settlement soon (within a year)! We welcome people willing to create a Space of Love!

Vision of the Skazochnyy Krai (Fairytale Land) Kin Domain Settlement

Our home is a spectacular, wonderful place
Lighting up the hearts of all positive people
It gives us everything we need to be happy:
A gorgeous garden, magical forest, brought to life by the river
At dawn the sun illuminates the mountains!
This place sharpens the mind
And there’s enough room for everyone else who wants to be a Creator
Where the ancestral land revives ancient lineage!
God and Mother Earth work hand in hand to make this happen!
We have created a patch of heaven here on earth.
It will continue to grow, year in, year out, sharing love and joy.
So that everyone who desires happiness can achieve it.
Every day the light spreads further.
That is its gift!
Our home is a lighthouse for those lost in the dark.
We resurrect the past that was hidden from us,
Remember us! And never forget!

Who we're looking for
We'd love to have good, bright people,
With pure thoughts
Who are willing to create heaven on earth
And to revive the old way of life,
Living in harmony with nature.

Lifestyle and goals
We live together, we have everything we need.
We help each other and solve problems as a community.
We have common goals and a common vision.
If you to join us, we welcome you with open arms!
Together we will make the world a brighter place!

The roads in the settlement: dirt tracks which have been reinforced with a sand-gravel mixture. The most important roads within the settlement have been fortified, and we are currently working on reinforcing all tracks between homesteads.
Forest: There is a significant deciduous forest.
Water reservoirs: There is a small pond, not suitable for swimming, but there is a good swimming river.
There is electricity, gas, and water for each homestead.
Water supply: There are public springs and wells 17-18 meters deep. One of the residents is a specialist in well building.

About the collective: We are a large, friendly team. There are over 60 families all in all. 36 families live in the settlement permanently - 21 in the homesteads and 15 in the surrounding villages).
All issues are addressed at the Veche (communal meeting).

School: we are planning to build a school. At the moment our children study in the neighbouring village of Grigorievskaya.

Mobile communication: MTS, MegaFon, Tele2, Beeline.
Internet 3G MTS. The signal is steady with an additional antenna.
There is no communal house.

There is a shop 1 km away from the settlement.

Distances to the populated place:

Smolenskaya stanitsa (rural settlement) - 5 km
Grigorievskaya stanitsa (rural settlement) - 1 km
Severskaya stanitsa (district center) - 30 km
Krasnodar (regional center) - 45 km

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Krasnodar Krai, Seversky District, Grigoryevskaya Stanitsa, 40 km away from Krasnodar, 70km to the Black Sea.

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