Christina Yakovleva - Spring came to my Kin Domain

The Spring came to me not empty-handed, but with living gifts.

Day of my family - the rebirth of the Holiday of Kin in the Skazochniy Kray KDS

We create Kin Domains for descendants and in memory of ancestors, but at the same time we can forget about those living on Earth today, about people of our kin.

Spring volunteer clean-up 2021 in the village of Skazocniy Kray

Such subbotniks have become traditional in the Skazochniy Kray

Such bread can calm the soul

The guys themselves sowed, grew wheat, threshed, milled and baked the bread

Olga Luchik - What has changed in my life after moving to land

There are many answers, and one of them is food.

It is officially allowed to grow a forest on your land now

You can have your own forest grown on agricultural land.