Windshield plantings in the Raduzhniy les KD

For two years now, we have been planting a windshield around our site.

Elizaveta Krestyeva about the Space of Love

And even in stone cages, intuitively feeling the great grace coming from plants, people surround themselves with plants in pots, and sometimes take care of them like children.

Interview with four-year-old Lada from the Perstenyov Kin Domain

Ladushka, do you like living in the Kin Domain?

Experience in growing cedars from Blagodarnoe KDS

Such a small nut, and from it will grow a strong powerful extraordinary tree - Cedar!

The Taran-Ignatiev family’s Kin Domain

Found their Kin Domain in the Kolybel Settlement.

The film "Evergreen History" was included in the program of the International Film Festival

Film festival of the global network of filmmakers LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK.