"All we are from childhood" - a holiday in Kin Domain Settlement "Raduzhnoye u Medveditsy"

June 1 we had an event for children and adults in our settlement - “All we are from childhood”.

The mindset of two year old child in a Kin Domain

Maria begins to make her own space - to build her own house.

Children's Mondays in Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets

Kin Domain Settlement celebrated Children's Day, the beginning of holidays and the first summer “Children's Monday”.

New issue of the Ringing Cedars of Russia online newsletter

In June issue you will read how to:
find new friends - read our “Space of Love” section
clean your body - healthy tips from our nutrition in food and health articles
finally travel to Russia - many of Russian Kin Domains are ready to meet tourists, and summer is the best time

Creativity of family Sobolev. Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets

We would like to introduce you to the wonderful Sobolev family

A new family joined our Settlement Radosvet

We have some more good news after May holidays:  a new family of Alekseev joined our settlement Radosvet!