Natalya Vasyukova - The Day of Kin has resumed in our family

For the first time, everyone walked around my mother’s Kin Domain, met each tree.

Nadezhda Kazanskaya - experience of growing strawberries on the estate

During these two months we came to strawberries just twice.

Veronika Perstenyova - About soul and romance

In the first months or years in the Kin Domain, people often live in a tent.

Tatyana Kusakina about her path to the Kin Domain

Every year I ask myself the question - is it necessary to live like this? The realization that this path is correct is new every year.

Kristina Yakovleva. Beauty is in every sound and touch

It is a blessing to feel the fullness of life right here. 

News from the Lyubodar Kin Domain settlement

For a long time we dreamed of an alley of trees along the central road. And this dream came true!