This is not just about making money, this is about a matter of the soul

Our names are Anton and Vika, we live in the Belgorod region.

Visiting Alexander and Irina Khanins from Ladnoe KDS

Experience and achievements over 16 years of life on earth.

LePoDom - a common house with our own hands

LePoDom copes with its functions perfectly.

Development of craftsmanship in sewing an old shirt from hemp linen in the Kin Domains of Ukraine

We carefully sewed, embroidered, carefully worn, carefully kept that these miraculous products have come down to us to this day.

Anastasia's Dream Image Celebration at Blagodarnoe KDS

Once a beautiful Dream from the taiga called us all into a new reality, united a huge number of different people.

Homemade cheese from Anastasia Aryamnova

You need: milk, natural apple vinegar.