The first international forum of family estates' creators was held in Belarus!

We were pleased with the warm and relaxed atmosphere, good communication. People sincerely shared their experience, with great love talked about their settlements and estates.

Interview with Vladimir Megre 2018: where are Anastasia and their children

Vladimir Megre answered the most popular questions about Anastasia and their children, told about his kin domain.

Updated book "Anastasia" and 3 book "Space of love" in Swedish!

We congratulate our publisher from Sweden!

The 7th book from the series “Ringing Cedars of Russia” has been published in Japan!

Congratulations to our publisher from Japan with the release of the book 7 "The Energy of Life"

Vladimir Megre: on Anastasia and the power of "Ringing Cedars"

Interview with Vladimir Megre on Swiss television programme "Time to do"

Vladimir Megre Book 7 "Energy of Life" is in Traditional Chinese language!

Book 7 "Energy of Life" has been translated and published in Chinese traditional language