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"The Great Game" in the Kin Domain Settlement "Rostock"

The 10th of May saw the youth game quest "FIGHT FOR TOTEM"

Guests from Estonia in Kin Domain Settlement Lesnaya Polyana, Mari El

10 guys from Estonia, acquaintance and a warm communication in Lepodom

The house is not only a chairs with a table ...

Quote from a bard song. With a deep meaning. Indeed, we can associate the house with all living space around.

How we built our adobe house in the Agudaria Kin Domain

It was the first experience for us to build house from scratch - and it turned out to be a real adventure for our family.

Sergey Sobyanin. Anatoly Terekhov veteran of the Great Patriotic War plants cedars in places of military glory

Anatoly Mikhailovich planted cedars on the "Field of Memory" in Strogino