Joint travel to Goa, India Anastasia fund's programme activities 2017

Offered to all interested readers of books by Vladimir Megre from different countries.

Reportage on TV channel “Russia 1” from “Megre”Cedar house

The rumor about unusual taiga production by Sergey Megre extends far beyond Siberia! The books by Vladimir Megre from the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series have inspired Sergey and he has created from scratch cedar production by age - old technologies.

Why Russia Is So Popular For Tourists?

It is not a secret that the idea of family homesteads is widespread not only in Russia but also abroad, thanks to the books by Vladimir Megre.

A group of readers from Japan has visited the "Cedar House" tour

For the fourth time a group of readers from Japan, headed by the publisher of the Japanese translation of books by Vladimir Megre, is visiting the "Cedar House" tour.

Readership Conference of Vladimir Megre in New York 2016

Click to watch the video and read a complete verbatim.

Audiobook "Anastasia" in Czech is now on sale

We are glad to spread the news that an audiobook "Anastasia" in Czech is now on sale!