Anastasia is now available in Chinese Simplified!

We wish to congratulate our publisher in China with the great work!

"Anasta" is now in Finnish

Dear friends, we can't wait to share this wonderful news with you!

"Anasta" is now available in Finnish language...

Reportage on TV channel “Russia 1” from “Megre”Cedar house (Part 2)


In the Novosibirsk region have collected a record harvest of cedar cones...

Guests from Hong Kong

On 17th September our Cedar House had guests from Hong Kong, our representatives - Andy and Joey!

Joint travel to Goa, India Anastasia fund's programme activities 2017

Offered to all interested readers of books by Vladimir Megre from different countries.

Reportage on TV channel “Russia 1” from “Megre”Cedar house

The rumor about unusual taiga production by Sergey Megre extends far beyond Siberia! The books by Vladimir Megre from the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series have inspired Sergey and he has created from scratch cedar production by age - old technologies.