Kin domains are a way to healthy planet. Tatyana Madison at TEDxIrpin

On February 29, 2020, at the international platform of TEDx speakers in Irpen (Ukraine), the topic of KDs was raised for the first time loud and clear.

Mednikov's Kin Domain Birthday.

Рiece of land we took responsibility 11 years ago.

Natural strawberry meadows in my Kin domain

We are continuing our experiments and observation of the living world.

Lesnaya Polyana KDS will host the X Festival of the Creators of Kin Domains "Earth Day 2021"

The festival of the Lesnaya Polyana settlement "Earth Day" in 2021 turns 10!

Christina Yakovleva - Spring came to my Kin Domain

The Spring came to me not empty-handed, but with living gifts.

Day of my family - the rebirth of the Holiday of Kin in the Skazochniy Kray KDS

We create Kin Domains for descendants and in memory of ancestors, but at the same time we can forget about those living on Earth today, about people of our kin.