Solnechnoye Settlement, Smolensk region

On the Portal in the section «Settlements of Russia», the release has been updated - Solnechnoye Settlement, Smolensk Region.

The Hanines’ Kin Domain - an experiment with preservations for winter

We got the cucumbers that we salted in the autumn from the pond and tasted. This method is described in the 7th book "Energy of Life".

Kristina Yakovleva - Does a Kin Domain have natural capital?

It does and every year its capitalization only grows and increases!

Stanislav Chernyshev - How not to destroy a family while moving to land

As the experience of the residents of Radosvet KDS shows, a family is a zone of high turbulence.

Lilia Vasilievna's Kin Domain, Ladnoye KDS

An amazing woman who has been creating her own Kin Domain alone for more than 16 years.