Pavel Drevlyanin. How to choose the place for living

How to choose YOUR land?

Natalia Zarianova – Life on the land with beloved family and perfect the environment day by day.

The dream of our own Kin Domain will live and perfect in our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Kamaleev family: new neighbors in the Lesnaya Polyana settlement

Timur learnt of out settlement having watched TV program.

Green fence of common spruce in the Shakhmatov’s Kin Domain

At the Vasiliy and Tatiana Shakhmatovs’, Mirnoe KDS.

Tatiana Madison. Independence Day and a Kin Domain – new meanings

What do families of all the continents depend on? On currency rate, salary, healthcare, education system, electricity and something else. 

Natalia Sholina-Nesterchuk. What does living in a Kin domain mean?

Living in a Kin Domain is when you want all the world to become a Garden of Eden!