First days of Vladimir Megre in Germany

When was the last time Vladimir Megre met Anastasia, where is their son? The Backstage of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Books by Vladimir Megre at the annual book fair in Frankfurt am Main

Traditionally, this event attracts everyone who is associated with the publishing, distribution and sale of printed products together with the consumers around the world.

Keep hold of the vision!

I believe it is necessary to discuss whether settlements consisting of kin domains (family homesteads) can be termed "eco-settlements"?

Meet Vladimir Megre in Germany 14.10.18

Vladimir Megre is being part of Frankfurt International Book Fair 2018. You have the only chance to meet author.

The translation of the 4th book " Sutvėrimas " has been published in Lithuanian language!

The 4th book " Sutvėrimas " has been published in  in Lithuanian language.

New Website - "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network

We are glad to announce the news: we are launching an Internet resource that will become a platform for international communication of the readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.