They call their houses with some land as "Kin Domains"

There are about 20 of the like-minded people, who live in nature, run houses, wake up with the dawn, and go to sleep with the sunset.

Earth Day in the Kin Domain Settlement Zvon-Gora

The Earth day came with the sun and rain, with happiness and gathering!

Dachnik’s day and the Earth day in the Kalinovec settlement

The celebration turned to be amazing!

There is a new project in Kovcheg Settlement – School garden

I want my children to live here in Future

‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a play from the Vladimir Megre’s books in Krasnolesye Settlement

‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a graduation work of Anastasiya Ostanina. 

KDS Radosvet. How to speed up moving to a Kin Domain?

There are many families that have already made the decision, set their hearts, but the moving is still not happening.