20 years ago Ukraine saw the first newspaper of Vladimir Megre books' readers

Almost 20 years ago, January 2000 Kharkov saw the first and the only issue of the newspaper “Tribune of V.N. Megre“ books' reader Anastasia”

Closer to nature: the idea of kin domains is heading in Karelia

August 2020, they want to arrange the All-Russian Meeting of the Halves festival for people who are looking for their love.

The main question about our settlement Radosvet

What cons of life do settlers face in Settlement?

"Forest School" of survival in the Kin Domain Settlement Vedrussia

What skills will be useful to children for interaction and cooperation in nature?

The autumnal equinox in Kin Domain Settlement Kalinovets'

This holiday turned out to be symbolic, rich and deep for me

Hedgerows. The community of settlements KD "Rodnoe"

We want to mark the scale and beauty of our places. Let’s have pleasure of it together.