To live in Paradise, It Is First Necessary to Create It. Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement, Mari El Republic

My husband and I moved from the city to the settlement two years ago.

Belarus Will Support Wishing to Create a Family Homestead

Belarus will support wishing to create a Family Homestead. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy, as reported BELTA correspondent.

Rodniki Family Homestead Settlement

The settlement is located not far from the regional center — Kostroma city, just 30 km away, behind the inhabited village on the hills and surrounded on all sides by forest.

Rodovaya Roshcha. Schastlivoe Family Homestead Settlement. Moldova

Living on my own land, knowing and feeling the connection with my family homestead, I penetrated deeper into myself, into my family.

Divoslavne Family Homestead Settlement

The settlement is developing on the territory of the Kobyliaky village and adjacent to village lands. 

Prague welcomes the Russian writer Vladimir Megre. Part 2

There were presented 8 stands of the Family Homesteads. The ideas from the books by Vladimir Megre are coming true in europe.