Maria Orlova. Mom, tell me where did you and dad live when I wasn’t here?

So we started thinking. Where do we want our baby to grow? In the city? Surrounded by brick walls, asphalt and advertisements? Or in nature?

How we visited the creators of Kin Domain Settlements "Rodniki of Udmurtia" (The Wellsprings of Udmurtia)

The Wellsprings of Udmurtia is located in the Krasnogorsk district of the Udmurt Republic. We have experienced that the process of domain building makes family more friendly with common life goal.

"Grandma's Stone". The way of improving crop yields

I decided to write about one tested method that makes trees grow a little later than expected, thus giving them and us a chance to get fruit even if spring was not very warm

Julia Chernyshova. We need to be able to live here

Everyone who lives in our settlement permanently has its own sources of income.

Olga Lyakhova. Bees' life in our kin domain

Each bee colony has its favorite “pastures”.

Christina Stepanova. Dreams tend to come true!

How to receive everything that you dream of.