Sergey Sobyanin. Anatoly Terekhov veteran of the Great Patriotic War plants cedars in places of military glory

Anatoly Mikhailovich planted cedars on the "Field of Memory" in Strogino

Svetlana Uslova. Thank Mother Earth

Once upon a time, three hundred years ago, our ancestors feasted New Year on September 22 in the days of the autumnal equinox

Solo for straw. Kin Domain of Anisimov family "Honey grove", Tyumen region

Baskets - this is an ultra-modern, trendy and environmentally friendly, fully recycled thing for carrying and transporting anything.

Needlework in domain. Kin domain Egorovo, Kin Domain settlement Rostock, Rostov region

I think every girl opens an interest and thirst for creativity when she moves to live in kin domain

To live in paradise, you must build it first. Kin domain settlement Lesnaya Polyana (Forest Glade), Mari El

Two years ago, I with my husband moved to the settlement from the city

The book VIII, part 1: “New Civilization” by Vladimir Megre in Chinese Traditional!

We are happy to announce the release of the book "New Civilization" in Chinese Traditional Language!