The Malachite Theater during the temporary break

It turned out to be not such smooth and ideal fairy tale, and even difficult to stage. Although once you started, you should show what you can do.

Vera Pisarenko. Millions of families are in captivity, but we are in our little kin domain

How nice it would be now if every family in the world had their own small kind domain of one hectare!

Children suggest a cure for the virus

Don’t hesitate to ask your children for advice. They will find a way out in any situation…

Elizaveta Krestyeva. How to defeat the virus of anti-rationality

What if we took all of our usual everyday actions and looked at them really carefully in the light of this word?

Alyona Zabuzhnaya. Two Civilizations

It’s not too late to change our ways! Touch the native Earth with love!

Spring planting works are in full swing

So, we have no worries about quarantine announced in Krasnodar since March 31. We will definitely have something to eat.